Contact Lenses

shutterstock_18431077At Complete Eye Care we offer a wide variety of contact lenses to fit any lifestyle. If you are a contact lens wearer or are considering them for the first time, feel free to see us about any of the following:

  • Disposable contact lenses (for daily, weekly and monthly wear)
  • Bifocal contact lenses (for both distance and near vision)
  • Toric contact lenses (used to correct astigmatism)
  • Hydrogel contact lenses (allows maximum oxygen to the cornea)
  • High Definition PolyVue Progressive Lenses (for good vision at a distance and with reading)
  • Colored contact lenses (to change or enhance eye color)

Featured Product: PolyVue High Definition Progressive Contact Lenses

If you are over 40 and need help with your reading vision but don’t want to sacrifice crisp intermediate and distance vision, try our PolyVue High Definition Progressive (HDX) contact lenses.

It’s rare to find a progressive contact lens that can fulfill the vision demands of our digital world, however the PolyVue HDX will be sure to keep up with you. Whether you’re on a computer most of the day, using your tablet, or your smart phone, these lenses will quickly adapt to all distances and sizes of text to help make your life easier.

The benefits of the PolyVue HDX include:

  • True High Definition Vision
  • All Day Comfort
  • Unique Edge Design to Stay Naturally Moist
  • One of the Thinnest Lenses Available
  • Crisp Vision at All Distances

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Testimonial – PolyVue ™

George recently switched to the PolyVue High Definition progressive contact lenses and loves the freedom and clarity they give him. With his old contact lenses he wouldn’t drive at night due to the glare. And, with other multifocal contact lenses he found that he sacrificed the sharp vision he was able to get with glasses.

George CL 2

“Now I can easily see my cell phone and read my daughters’ texts,” George said. “I’m also a big snow skier and like being able to wear regular snow goggles instead of the big ones that wrap around glasses.”

George is also back to driving at night because of the reduced glare with the PolyVue lenses. “I would recommend people try these contacts – it was definitely worth it, “ George said.