Vision Correction


Symfony® and Symfony TORIC

untitled-1These extended range of vision lenses reduce the dependence on glasses after cataract surgery. They provide a continuous range of high quality vision from near to far and all points in between. They provide the added benefit of excellent vision in any lighting condition. This means people can function well in low light activities such as taking a walk at dusk, reading a menu in a dimly lit restaurant, and driving at night. 

The Symfony lens has been widely studied in numerous clinical studies involving over 2,000 eyes. In trials 77% of the patients with the Symfony lens had 20/25 vision compared with 34% in the standard distance only lens. In these studies, the Symfony lens:

Provided seamless, day-to-night vision. The unique properties of the lens help lengthen the focus of the eyes to provide continuous clear vision at near, intermediate and far away distances, and points in between.

Provided high-quality vision. The unique shape of the lens has been engineered to allow for optimum clear vision and correct for any color distortion.

Demonstrated a low incidence of halos and glare, which may be perceived as rings or blurring around bright lights. Glare and halo can sometimes affect a person’s ability to drive at night or to perform other visual tasks.

*As with any surgical procedure there are risks and the possibility of side effects. Dr. Waters reviews these with patients considering cataract surgery.

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