Blade-Free iLASIK

You might be confused by all of the technical information on the Internet today about LASIK. To help clarify terminology, “iLASIK” is the same as “Blade-Free LASIK” , “All Laser LASIK” and “IntraLase.” What these terms are referring to is a type of LASIK that uses a laser instead of a blade to create the protective flap on the cornea. iLASIK is also revolutionary because it can treat people with very thin corneas.

iLASIK also uses the CustomVue ™ Wavescan technology to create a “fingerprint” of the cornea in order to give patients a highly individualized and accurate treatment.

According tomarketscope8 million people have already had LASIK in the United States. In fact, because of the safety and broad scope of treatment with iLASIK, the U.S. Military and NASA have recently recommended that their servicemen and women all have LASIK.

No matter which type of LASIK you have, the most important consideration is the surgeon’s expertise. Dr. Waters has over 20 years of expertise in refractive surgery performing thousands of procedures using both incisions and lasers. He is dedicated to bringing the best surgical techniques and technology to his patients.