Custom LASIK

Custom LASIK is the most popular laser vision correction procedure that treats people who are nearsighted (myopia), farsighted (hyperopia), have astigmatism or who need reading glasses (presbyopia). Custom LASIK can greatly reduce the dependence on glasses and contacts and return the freedom that comes with good vision.

Dr. Waters insists on using only the most current and advanced Visx excimer laser technology for Custom LASIK. This gives him the widest range of treatment options, which include treating patients with irregular corneas and thin corneas.

Custom LASIK uses the advanced Wavescan Wavefront guided system to provide individualized laser vision correction. The advanced wavefront technology produces a detailed map of the eye, which is important because much like a fingerprint, no two eyes are the same. In fact, the Wavescan identifies and measures imperfections in the eye 25 times more precisely than standard methods for glasses and contacts. The custom LASIK procedure can then precisely treat each person’s unique refractive errors.

What are the Advantages of Custom LASIK?

  • Can Treat Those Who Weren’t Candidates Before:

    Custom LASIK has allowed more individuals to benefit from laser vision correction. With traditional LASIK many people with irregular corneas would not have been candidates, however because of the wavefront system, Custom LASIK can now treat a much wider range of people.

  • Improved Quality of Vision:

    In addition, Custom LASIK has the potential to not only get patients to 20/20 or better, but it was designed to also improve the quality of vision. This means that people often experience improved contrast sensitivity and are able to see fine detail better.

  • Improved Night Driving Vision:

    With Custom LASIK there is also a lower percentage of people who experience glare and halos with night driving.

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Who is a Candidate?

  • Those who want improved chances of obtaining 20/20 or better vision
  • Those who want better quality vision, such as improved contrast sensitivity
  • Those who want better night driving vision
  • Those who want a reduced chance of experiencing side effects such as halos and glare at night
  • Those who might not have been a candidate for traditional LASIK because of corneal irregularities

Next Steps

To find out if you are a candidate for Custom LASIK call our office for a FREE consultation. You can reach us Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 810-732-2272. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and give you information on your best options for vision correction.